The Rise Of Bleisure

Redefining the Face of Modern Hospitality

Bleisure – A new hybrid is emerging

At the crossroads of our digital world, where professional responsibilities and personal fulfilment intersect. This fusion of ‘business’ and ‘leisure’ has reshaped how we approach career and personal life harmony, and at ara Design, it is at the heart of our innovative interior designs for today’s globetrotters.

Bleisure represents more than a mere convenience

It is a paradigm shift in how we perceive work-life balance. It enables professionals to deftly intertwine work commitments with enriching travel experiences. As a result, major cities are evolving to meet the unique needs of these contemporary travellers, providing professional amenities amidst culturally rich surroundings. This evolution has prompted the hospitality industry to craft environments meticulously tailored to the nuanced requirements of bleisure travellers.

Creating spaces for both work and leisure

ara Design nourishes this lifestyle through a design philosophy rooted in functionality, aesthetics, and sensory richness. We cater to bleisure travellers’ distinct necessities, creating versatile spaces that facilitate both work productivity and leisure immersion. Our commitment to this design ethos is embodied in projects like Astral Village and Beresheet Glamping.

Biophilic design

Astral Village speaks to the power of biophilic design, connecting inhabitants to nature and creating a tranquil space amidst the demands of a busy schedule. Biophilic design taps into our innate desire for a natural connection, incorporating elements of the natural world into our built environments. This design approach goes beyond aesthetics, evoking calmness and happiness by integrating natural materials, light, vegetation, and views of nature.

While Astral Village brings nature indoors, Beresheet Glamping takes guests deep into the heart of natural serenity. This secluded oasis offers luxurious tents equipped with excellent Wi-Fi, allowing travellers to stay connected and work remotely amidst breathtaking surroundings.

Seamless transitions

Other projects, like the Sereia Lounge at Kempinski Tel Aviv, illustrate our commitment to bleisure. This transformative space seamlessly transitions from a welcoming lounge to a dynamic coworking environment. With smart rooms featuring cutting-edge technology, we empower efficient work management.

From Boardrooms to Bliss

We also account for the need for business facilities, as showcased by the Carré Blanc with its home-like private meeting room. Meanwhile, wellness-centric properties like the spas at Padma Ubud and the pool at Hyatt Moscow, serve as relaxing retreats post a demanding workday.

Work-life balance

However, the rise of bleisure comes with challenges, like managing work-life boundaries, balancing professional objectives with personal leisure, and controlling expenses. These considerations extend to our designs. We aim to create spaces that strike a perfect balance, meeting practical needs and resonating on a deeper, emotional level.

Whilst digital elements are integral to our designs, our increasing reliance on technology amplifies our need for a deeper, more primal connection to nature—and that’s where biophilic design comes into play.

Our designs reflect the belief that being in nature enhances happiness and wellbeing. As such, the inclusion of natural elements in our design helps create spaces that people love to inhabit. This alignment of design with the essence of nature is a cornerstone of the new wave of bleisure-focused interior design.