Padma Semarang

The Thread of Past

At ara Design, we love taking on new adventures

Our latest project with Padma Semarang is just that! If you’re wondering, yes, we’ve worked with the Padma brand before. From the peaceful Padma Ubud to the lively Padma Legian, and the stunning Padma Karawang, we’ve designed many spaces together.

For Padma Semarang, we envisioned a design that’s akin to a giant puzzle. Each piece represents an element of Semarang’s rich cultural past and vibrant present. Our role is to put the pieces together and tell a fascinating tale.

Inspired by Semarang's unique past

A city painted with Chinese, Dutch, and Arab colonial history, it offers a treasure trove of design elements. The architecture, carvings, and patterns of these cultures significantly contribute to our design.The blueprint was sketched by the creative minds of DP Architects Singapore and turned into reality by the dedicated team of Lineamarca Dinamika in Indonesia.

The aim was to create spaces that harmonize the soul of Semarang, reflect the spirit of Central Java, and yet, embody a sense of global appeal. To do this, we’ve seamlessly blended indoor and outdoor spaces, letting nature play a pivotal role in the design. Picture a lounge where sunlight dances through beautifully carved partitions, casting playful patterns of light and shadow, and where the lush outdoor greenery subtly merges with the indoor, setting a refreshing resort-like ambiance.

Celebrating Local Culture

ara Design focused on local crafts and artwork to root our designs in native culture. Every item, from furniture to art pieces, and even rugs and carpets, was chosen for its reflection of local craftsmanship. This approach not only added authenticity to our design but also supported the artisan community.

We collaborated with local artists who each added their unique touch to the project. Yani Mariani Sastranegara and Budi Agung Kuswara, popularly known as Kabul, breathed life into the spaces with their vibrant art pieces. Angki Purbandono introduced a novel dimension to our design with his innovative use of scanography.

In the reception area of our hotel, a captivating artwork by I Wayan Agus Noviato mirrors the city’s historical significance and its cross-cultural influences. This piece is inspired by the Borobudur Temple, a World Heritage Sitethat symbolizes cosmic tiers of existence. By echoing the temple’s lotus motif — a Buddhist emblem of purity — Novi seamlessly weaves Semarang’s past into Indonesia’s grand cultural tapestry.

Materials & Textures

Another key element in our design was the careful selection of materials. We strongly believe that every texture, every hue has a story to tell. In the case of Padma Semarang, these stories became the narrative that runs through the fabric of our design. By sourcing local materials, we ensured that our design not only echoed with the local spirit but also contributed to local sustainability.

The team’s effort have resulted in an urban sanctuary that captures the unique blend of Semarang’s old and new, traditional and contemporary. Every corner of the space is infused with the spirit of the city, offering guests a home away from home.