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The Astral Aria Hotel

An Ode to the Red Sea and the Desert

Sculpting stories

At ara Design, we believe in not just creating interiors but in sculpting stories and building spaces that resonate with the landscapes they inhabit. Our recent project, the Astral Aria Hotel, is a testament to this philosophy. Formerly known as the Le Meridien Hotel, this property stands along the mesmerising coastline of the Red Sea. The resort doesn’t just offer a stay; it invites the guests on a journey, intertwining elements of local culture, geography, and climate.

The Astral Aria Hotel

Serving as a portal to the enchanting world of Eilat, where the calm waters of the Red Sea meet the rugged desert landscapes. There was an old soul within the resort that we needed to respect, a challenge that became a dance of preservation and transformation. As part of a cost-conscious renovation, we aimed to maintain the resort’s charm and functionality whilst introducing elements that paid homage to the locale.

Guest rooms

Each of the 246 suites at the Astral Aria is designed with an emphasis on comfort, convenience, and immersive experience. With direct private access to the beach, families can spend quality time together, basking in the sun or building sandcastles. However, the cherry on top has to be the honeymoon suite, boasting an outdoor double jacuzzi on a balcony that offers an uninterrupted view of the Gulf of Eilat. The room has been designed to capture the essence of the locale while offering a slice of solitude for the newlyweds.
As the sun sets, an outdoor stage and dance bar come alive, offering exciting after-hours entertainment against the backdrop of the star-lit desert sky. At Astral Aria, luxury isn’t just about opulent interiors; it’s about creating memories that guests can carry back home.


In redesigning the property, our inspiration was drawn from the stunning natural features surrounding the resort. From the rich, varied marine life teeming beneath the sea’s surface to the resilient flora and fauna dotting the desert, we found our muse in the hotel’s immediate surroundings.
Reflecting on the creation of Astral Aria’s cohesive aesthetic, our Design Director, Andre Avedian, shared, “The design approach was deeply influenced by the geography and topography surrounding the property. We took cues from the vibrant colours and textures of both the ocean and the desert to craft unique finishes for various areas of the resort. The environmental inspirations not only shaped our colour palette, but also led us to add visual texture and introduce more natural greenery along the internal elevations, enhancing the overall experience within the resort.”

Seamless transformation

Adhering to the client’s request to keep the hotel operational during renovations, our teams in London and Bali handled the transformation with seamless coordination. Though challenging, this process also allowed guests to witness the careful evolution of their favourite retreat.

“We are delighted to welcome our guest with the new face of our hotel. Our collaboration with ara Design brings a fresh and refreshed atmosphere to our property. The outcome of this renovation has truly exceeded our expectations. Therefore we are excited to continue our partnership with ara Design. We have decided to embark on two exciting projects together: Astral Lite and Queen of Sheeba.” said Asher Gabay the owner of Astral Aria Hotel.

Design Adventures

Shaping the Astral Aria Hotel into what it is now has been a journey that fills us with pride, and we love sharing our tale with you. Our goal was to balance reality with aspirations, and we believe we’ve managed to elevate the property whilst staying grounded in our objectives.

Specialising in the hospitality industry, every project we undertake feels like an adventure in creativity. We know that design speaks to everyone, everywhere, and it’s a joy to add our own special mix of fun, daring, and heartfelt effort into every project. We’re excited to continue this journey and look forward to the future projects to come.