Vanara Uluwatu

Designing with Purpose: The Story of Vanara Uluwatu

Overlooking the rhythmic waves of Nyang Nyang Beach is a place where design and environment converge in a meaningful dialogue. This is Vanara Uluwatu, ara Design’s latest venture.

Beyond Aesthetics

In Sanskrit, Vanara means ‘forest-dwellers’, and we take that essence to the heart of our design by introducing Balinese ritual art forms—whether objects, visual art, weaving, or sculptural work. We believe that design philosophy is never stagnant; it evolves, absorbing influences from time, space, and society. At Vanara Uluwatu, the very essence of our philosophy is evident in the synergy between form and function. While aesthetics play a pivotal role, it’s more than just surface beauty. Here, every design choice speaks of a deep understanding and respect for sustainable practices, the vibrant tapestry of local craftsmanship, and the undying spirit of Bali’s cultural heritage.

Sustainable Heritage

Conscious choice of materials is central to this project. Collaboration with Tarum Bali has given us fabrics and rugs dyed with natural processes, using plants. This ensures an eco-friendly palette that aligns with our ethos. Similarly, our partnership with Threads of Life allows us to incorporate textiles crafted using endangered weaving and dyeing techniques, preserving Bali’s artisanal legacy in the process.

Our green efforts won’t end there. We will partner with Ecollabo8 to repurpose recycled plastics into bespoke side tables and will team up with Sungai Watch to clean up surrounding rivers, recycle its plastic, and infuse it into our design elements.

But our ties to Bali aren’t solely material-based. They’re deeply rooted in culture: We’ve incorporated traditional elements—textiles like Gringsing and Cepuk, visual art forms like kamasan paintings, and more—to ensure our designs are not just contemporary but also reflective of the island’s rich history.

Connecting Nature and Legacy

The location of Vanara Uluwatu was carefully chosen. Situated with a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean, it serves as a constant reminder of our connection to the environment. This connection influences our design choices, from biophilic elements to materials like torched lava stone and bamboo skin, which are not just locally sourced but also evoke a sense of place and history.

For ara Design, values are the cornerstones upon which businesses are built, and for hotels, they’re more than just operational guidelines—they determine the very experience a guest encounters. With Vanara Uluwatu, our commitment extends far beyond aesthetics. We’re dedicated to crafting purpose-driven spaces, where each choice speaks of the brand’s core values: sustainability, local empowerment, cultural respect, and an emphasis on the guest’s needs and comfort.